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We deliver quality firewood, kindling, straw logs, charcoal and wood pellets in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Our logs are barn seasoned, split, net bagged and ready for delivery. Click any product to see details and prices. Delivery is free. Edinbrugh Firewood prides itself on satisfied customers, why not check out our testimonials page.
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To place an order simply fill in and submit our contact form
or call 07740865147. The minimum order is £50, delivery is free. 

We deliver in Edinburgh, Midlothian, East Lothain and West Lothian, you can see our free delivery boundary on this map, however we can deliver further afield so contact us to discuss your requirements.


 10 nets of hardwood + 10 nets of softwood + 2 free kindling nets = £114.61 including 5% VAT and delivery

DOUBLE DEAL - TWO SPECIAL OFFER DEALS FOR £219.95 including VAT and delivery 

 We also offer bulk and wholesale orders, please contact us for any enquiries.

 Smoke Control Area

Please ensure our fuel is used in accordance with the Clean Air Act 1993. Exempt appliances can be found at the DEFRA website.

Why Stoves and Open Fires are becoming so Popular

Burning firewood results in virtually no 'fossil' carbon dioxide being added to our present environment and thus helps minimise the effects of climate change as compared to using gas or oil. This is because the carbon dioxide emitted when the wood is burned has been taken out of the atmosphere by the growing plant.  Even allowing for emissions of fossil carbon dioxide in planting, harvesting, processing and transporting the fuel, replacing fossil fuel with wood fuel will typically reduce net CO2 emissions by over 90%.

Firewood is also a renewable resource and using it today will not prevent our children and grandchildren from using firewood in the future.There's nothing more homely than a log burning stove or an open fire.


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