We no longer sell straw logs but please check out our new website at www.edinburgh-woodfuel.co.uk for similar products.

These straw logs each take 40 - 50 minutes to burn, there are 5 in a pack weighing 1KG each, about the size of a wine bottle and each containing a bin bag full of straw. As the straw is so dry the energy value is 4.5kwhours per kg. This is equal to kiln dried wood.

The straw is made into logs at a consistent 10 - 12% moisture, hence the packs have to be wrapped in plastic or the straw absorbs atmospheric moisture. The packaging is 100% recyclable and importantly no land previously used for food production has been sacrificed to make this fuel thus avoiding the great food-versus-fuel debate.

Straw Logs Prices
1-9 packs of straw logs £per pack.
10+ packs of straw logs £per pack.


Please call 07740865147 to place an order or simply fill in and submit our feedback form (we will get back to you). The minimum order is £40. Delivery is free.